Guidance on portfolio preparation

Guidance on portfolio preparation

Guidance on portfolio preparation

Why Us

Why choose us

EasyMay Art Study Team’s professional tutors all top designers in world-known fashion companies like CHANEL, LV, Google and excellent graduates from top art schools such as Parsons, School of Visual Arts, RISD, Pratt. We are confident in tutoring almost every major covered in fashion design, interaction design, graphic design, product design, etc. We will match our students with professors who are experts in their fields, thus to improve their application process.


We are


ART Consultants

Educational background

Yale University
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
University of Southern California (USC)
School of Visual Arts
Parsons School of Design at the New School
Pratt Institute
New York University

Career Fields

Fashion Design
Architecture Design
Installation Art
Interaction Design
Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Illustrative Design
Game Design
Visual Design

Teaching Experience

An elite team consisting of graduates from top schools and top designers has helped 100 students get admitted to top 10 universities in the past three years, with an added up $250,000 scholarship.

Our mission is to pursue perfection with an impeccable attitude.

Tailored service plan
Accurately choosing target schools and majors

Easymay teams focus on the leading trend in art design, understand the standards for portfolios of different schools; study the enrollment process and review preferences of the admission officers; customize high-match portfolios for the students

International background
International platform

Easymay cooperates with up-and-coming artists platforms to help every artist on holding an international solo exhibition, enhancing the popularity of art pieces and presenting the artist’s personal style in every details.

Experienced and professional
Last round review by professors from target schools

Easymay uses specialized proprietary resources within top American Art schools to provide a final review for your portfolio of work so as to ensure last minute suggestions regarding collection or any individual pieces.

Within the reach
TOP school “NO Distance” training program

Easymay’s “no distance” internship projects provide in-depth training program at the targeted schools to fully experience the academic requirements and curriculum of your dream school, and offer the opportunities to have an in-person communication with professors from top universities.

Cross-major training program

Easymay has promoted its professional interdisciplinary training courses for those who wishes to change their major. Preliminary training for cross-disciplinary applications allows students to overcome initial shortcomings and lack of experience by providing students with preliminary exposure and training, and say goodbye to “failed.”

Easymay Designer Club

The Designer Club has many of designer members who graduated from top art schools in China and US that regularly conduct activities and design exchanges for feedback, recommendations for constructive criticism and potential improvement with students. Here, students can work with world’s elite designers.

Comperhensive Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio may be used for most art schools. Specific schools will be discussed before the application process.

Customized Portfolio

A customized portfolio usually used only for a targeted school or dream school, like Parsons, Yale, RISD. Customized portfolios will match the preference of target school hundred percent, thus make your application more competitive and persuasive.

5 Customized Portfolio

Evaluation by top professors

Assess the student background in full length, assign a perfectly matched tutor, assure three basic portfolios to assist students a better application.

Well-designed training program

A detailed training program based on student’s major, style, showcase, professional technique skills.

N on one training and tutoring

Creative projects designed by our professional designers and consultants to further strengthen students’ petientials on different themes and art styles, highlighting their unique characteristics.

Revised by Professors from top universities

Professors from target schools will review and revise the student’s work in every detail, and support students on how to present and desktop publish their works.

Final professor review from the target colleges

Initial and double review by top designers to help reach perfection, and a final review by professors form target colleges.

Art Application Steps

Advising Counseling
Customized Design
Background Promotion
Training courses