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    Equipped with the academic experience from top Universities, our customer service team help create a perfect applicant profile

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Golden Plan

Perfect application process, high quality study abroad experience

Authentic and reliable application plans

Based on Easymay Top University’s database, Easymay evaluates every applicant’s portfolio comprehensively, referring to the most updated acceptance rate, curriculum and University’s admissions preference, and accurately match students with the right schools and programs

Our customer service application team members are all graduates from US top Universities

Easymay completely upgraded all different parts of the application service process, and at each key timing point in the application process, we will help our students match the experienced consultant team with international education background.

Improve your competitiveness from all dimensions

The refined service fully explores the applicant's potentials, helps them meet the basic admission criteria of the target institutions and majors from different dimensions, and utilizes abundant on-campus work experience to assist applicants to create unique application profiles.

Provide transparent services in all stages

To ensure the high standard service quality, and ensure the transparency of the services, our customer service application team follows up with the top schools without any delay, and provides high quality service to ensure there is no error in any stage of the service.

Is Golden plan a fit for you?

  • Do you want to apply for undergraduate/graduate programs in US colleges within the next 2 years? Want to be admitted into TOP50 universities?
  • Need guidance from our Chinese and American application team? Want to gain an in-depth understanding of application processes?
  • Need a low-budget application strategy? Want to DIY, but know little about application processes?


American essay writing consultants from Ivy-league Schools


Excellent Ph.D. students from TOP50 Universities


Brilliant graduate students from TOP30 Universities


Senior executives from TOP500 companies in the world

Golden Plan service advantages

Experienced experts in applications of top colleges

Supervised by admissions officers from TOP 30 colleges, who are familiar with actual application review processes. Provide personalized application strategy according to the personalities of students.

Our American-style personal essays

Our American elite team members with the background of the TOP 40 US graduate school will comprehensively analyze the students’ background, specialized personal essays for different dream schools. We do NOT translate essays directly from Chinese. No essay templates of any kind.

American Ph.D. supervisors help improve academic backgrounds

American Ph.D. from all majors with the background of TOP 50 colleges help students to deepen understandings of academic fields, enhance students’ academic background and internship experience and improve the international competitiveness of students

We provide many-to-one service for the whole journey and perfect one-stop service

Easymay’s Golden Plan offers every candidate one-stop service, including application strategy planning, college/program selection, background enhancing, developing personal essays, filling online applications, standard tests scores sending, following application status, interview guidance, etc.

  • Essay Advisor from top 50 universities
  • Consultants with education degree from top 30 universities
  • Highlighting your uniqueness by US Doctorates
  • Professional Guidance from Top 50 ranked university former admissions officers
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  • Former Admissions Officers from top 15 universities
  • No “safety” school
  • Essay Revision by US Writing Advisors
  • Easymay Exclusive Resources help you with the best matching
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  • Former Admissions Officers from top 30 universities
  • Advising Team monitoring the whole application process
  • Personalized background enhancement plan
  • Boutique scientific research projects and top 500 internship opportunities
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Let us help you open the door to top universities

Hard efforts needed for realizing a top university dream, the turning point of a child’s life should not based solely on a contract. Easymay wishes its best to support you on your way at the beginning of study abroad. Built with an emphasis on quality results and world-class integrity, we implement extensive experience in the local US education market, innovative counseling techniques, and top- tier professionals for delivering impactful solutions. Easymay wishes you never forget why you started, and makes a better you on your study.