Prestigious Admissions Officer Advisory Committee

The only American educational institution with a large team of former admissions officers

The best among American Study-abroad consulting industry

At the frontier of the US Elite School’s application, combine the culture differences between China and US, control the application strategy and details at all application stages

Knowledgeable about the elite school’s evaluation criteria

Based on the experiences of working with elite school’s admissions offices and high level of academic achievements, escort Easymay students to dream schools

To make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages, detailed display of the background advantages

Dig into the applicant’s growth experience, academic background, and working experiences, improve your differentiation competitiveness

Meet the applicants’ individual needs from all levels

Covers all of the TOP30 schools and programs in the United States, match the client with different admissions officers according to their areas of expertise and professional categories

Professional Advisory Committee

Forward-looking career planning, accurately targeting leading corporate resources

Hundreds of senior HR professionals

A full range of customized skill training to create a strong academic and professional background for applicants

Thousands of high level senior professional elites

Tailor courses in cutting-edge fields of academic or job search for the professional needs of students

Meet the dual needs of both elite universities and famous enterprises

Provide an authentic and reliable background improvement plan, and prepare students for the long-term plan of academic and professional development

Elite networking both in and outside of the States

Through collaborate study with academic and professional elites in their own field, advance critical thinking skills, independent thinking and logical expression.

Dedicated and sophisticated high-end education consulting services

Overseas senior and experienced application team

Based in America, make the best of the resources from American top Universities

Authentic American communication style

The overseas application team has an academic background in education and international relations from prestigious Universities, and has no problem to connect with the Admissions Office.

Experienced with the application taboos of top Universities

Reveal the authentic admissions process of American top Universities, deeply analyze the admission rules behind the online application

Communicate with schools 24/7

Communicate with target schools 24/7, excellent communications via phone calls and emails, increase the acceptance rate

Rich applications skills and admissions experiences

Have a good understanding of the application characteristics and requirements of top universities and have many years of experience working with the admissions office

Gather a large number of brilliant intellectuals from the world, build the culture bridge between Chinese and US education

Ph.D application team from the States

Deeply rooted in the professional forefront in each field, enhance the academic and research background of clients in detailed manner

Highly professional experts from each field

5 year’s PhD study and research experiences, provide solid academic support and guidance for our clients

Knowledgeable of the application direction and trends of each program

Years of scientific research and exploration of the profession, grasp the application tips of each program and the admissions requirements of top universities

Greatly enhance the scientific research ability of each client

Offer one-to-one skill training and test prep courses, help the clients to cultivate long term professional abilities

Successfully enhance the academic background of each client

Provide resources for the research experience of undergraduate application, gather application tips, build strong academic foundation

Believe in the idea of “Be professional, be considerate”, aiming at becoming a high-end international educational institution

American graduate application team

Brilliant alumni resources, pinpoint your ideal schools and programs in an accurate pattern

Choose schools based on individual needs

Grasp the direction of course selection and tendency, advise the client and parents in great detail

Analyze the job prospect and academic goals from multiple dimensions

Familiar with the academic programs, curriculum, teaching style, distinctions between campuses, and the advantages and disadvantages in job hunting markets at top Universities

Advise students in course study and course registration

Help clients complete their application and other relevant preparation in advance, teach efficient learning techniques

Advise clients on career and academic planning

Share authentic learning experiences and workplace tips in the US, advice clients on living, study and career planning

Excellent overseas service team, lead you down the path to success