Service Flow


General Advising

Preliminary analysis for academic background, Familiarizing applicant’s goals, Setting the initial application plan, Survey the relevant programs and colleges, Matched consultant will have same field from a top 30 master programs.


Secondary Analysis

In Depth Analysis of the applicant’s strength/ weakness; Focus on the application highlights; step-by-step guide in language tests, background enhancement, matching University resources, American expert Consultant, native English-speaker Personal Statement expert writer


Finalizing the application plan

Analysis areas of studies, university specialties, and employment trend; finalize the list of programs to apply; remote intern in well-known corporations; Exclusive application database for programs; experienced teachers to prepare the tests.


Background Enhancement: Research & Internship Opportunities

Personalized background enhancement, In depth analysis of applicant’s transcripts, Spotting highlights in assignments and projects, Exclusive remote research and internship in Ivy League Schools to save time costs, American Ph.D. and career elite consultant to complement weakness; spotlight on the highlights, increase the applicant’s overall competitiveness.


Statement of Purpose Composition by American Ivy League Consultant Team

We deeply investigate student's life path and personal character case by case and sort necessary personal statement requirements for each individual applied institutions. We try to accumulate sources for personal statement from multi-dimensional angles, determine main streamline and insights, and our US citizen personal statement expert writer finally articulate the personal statement. We also provide 24/7 former admission officers service for personal statement. Based on different school's customized personal statement, we fetch predilection of different schools on personal statement from our database to completely avoid Chinese-style English writing.


Application process

Complete online application process and assist necessary fee payment, submission of necessary materials. Our application consultants all graduated from prestigious institutions such as Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, etc, and all major in international education and English literature, with proficiency in translation, oral language and composition


Contact Schools and tracking application process

We provide 1v1 interview tutorial and actively interact with admission office. If any materials are missing, we will guide student to submit them correctly. For interview strategies, our former admission officer team will help with personalizing interview materials, who are all American nationals. For graduate programs, our graduate school research team will help students to fully research professors' and programs' background to provide student's sufficient oral language practice. Our Chinese team and US team guarantee that there will be no communication lags due to time zone differences.


Easymay's unique eminent instituition resources

We will match Easymay’s unique channels and resources for each student and establish contact tunnel with admission offices in order to significantly increase admission probability. Our core service


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