Platinum Plan

Customize study abroad plan and personalize career development plan

One-stop application services

Remote mentors provide one-on-one language training courses, scientific research skills training, remote or on-site internship at well-known companies , recommendation letters from well-known enterprises. The strong team creates a one-stop refined service process for you.

Meticulous Ambassador Service

The professional service team is provided to each student based on his/her unique academic backgrounds. That is highly matched with a student’s dream schools and majors, and consistency with the characteristics of the institutions.

Four on one service mode

Led by American Top 30 University’s former Admissions Directors, Chinese Senior consultants from top Universities, career advisors and language test instructors, formed a 4-to-1 service system,providing well-arounded and professional service.

Significantly improve the soft background

Match you with the best team and marketing channels, provide you with exclusive famous enterprise internships and prestigious research projects. Make Easymay students stand out from many other applicants, and obtain their dream offers.

Platinum Plan Target Students

  • Applicants who are about to enter the senior year in high school or senior year in college who plan to apply for undergraduate or graduate studies in US universities within the next one to two years
  • Applicants who wish to enrich their academic, internship and activity experiences and enhance their competitiveness in order to apply for a prestigious university
  • Applicants who have not yet started to prepare for the standardized test, or they still need to make improvements in order to meet the admissions requirements
  • Partially DIY, applicants who can not grasp the application difficulties of all the target institutions


Offer Letters from Top 30 Universities


Admissions Officers from Top 50 Universities


Acceptance rate of the Top 60 Universities

Top30 University’s Admissions Director Level Instructor

Platinum Plan Service Advantages

Elite Instructors Collaboration, providing well-rounded Service

Providing multiple senior instructors in different application stages, reducing service gaps, collaborative service model greatly improves work efficiency and improves service quality in multiple ways; Platinum customers would be responded timely and enjoy priority services.

Supervised by Top 40 Universities' Admissions Officers throughout all application stages

Our Top 40 Universities’ exclusive former admissions officers would answer questions in all application stages. They accurately grasp the application techniques based on high-level academic achievement and the experiences of working with Top Universities’ admissions offices, and could help applicants to solve all the application difficulties one by one.

Customized essays for different Universities and programs

Providing clients with American elite personal essays consultants with the background of Top 30 universities liberal arts, business, science and engineering schools, offer one to one services to make best of student’s past experiences and academic background, collect essay materials from multiple dimensions, customize distinct versions of essays based on different requirements at different schools, have profound understanding of specific essay requirement at Ivy League Universities.

Education consultant team from Ivy-league Schools assist on your path to top Universities

Our consultant team members all have a master's degree in Education from Columbia and University of Pennsylvania, who have excellent English communication skills and know the application tricks of all the elite Universities, do all the excellent jobs in connecting with program directors, communications, interview instructions, etc, ensure there is zero mistakes during the application process.

Diverse service plans, cost-effective choice

Easymay’s service is cost-effective, exceeding the service quality of traditional education institution who charges the same. Combining Easymay’s various academic and research projects and language training courses taught by experienced teachers, Easymay aims to make up for applicants’ shortcomings in the application profiles.

  • Essay Advisor from top 50 universities
  • Consultants with education degree from top 30 universities
  • Highlighting your uniqueness by US Doctorates
  • Professional Guidance from Top 50 ranked university former admissions officers
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  • Former Admissions Officers from top 15 universities
  • No “safety” school
  • Essay Revision by US Writing Advisors
  • Easymay Exclusive Resources help you with the best matching
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  • Former Admissions Officers from top 30 universities
  • Advising Team monitoring the whole application process
  • Personalized background enhancement plan
  • Boutique scientific research projects and top 500 internship opportunities
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Former Associate Director of Admissions Office, Mark: Be the 6% that got admitted

Reveal the backstage process of application from first POV to have a deep analysis of top universities in USA. Do you know how to stand out among applicants? Do you know how to leave a deep impression in a short interview? How to get unique competitivity for your personal statement? Do you know how admissions officer review an application? How to choose between “Easy-A Courses” with high GPA VS “Hard Courses” with low GPA? Does admissions officers favor an internship in a top Chinese enterprise over a small US company?

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Let us help you open the door to top universities

Hard efforts needed for realizing a top university dream, the turning point of a child’s life should not based solely on a contract. Easymay wishes its best to support you on your way at the beginning of study abroad. Built with an emphasis on quality results and world-class integrity, we implement extensive experience in the local US education market, innovative counseling techniques, and top- tier professionals for delivering impactful solutions. Easymay wishes you never forget why you started, and makes a better you on your study.