VIP Dream School Plan

Guidance from admissions assistants at top universities to help students in applications for prominent institutions

Impeccable Service

In addition to the full service of Platinum Plan and Golden Plan, VIP Plan enjoys an additional personal mentorship from Easymay’s senior counselor, customizing a personalized application to highly match the institutions. VIP enjoys 24/7 communication with Easymay’s counselor and the counselor will follow every detail personally.

No Safety School

Our company is the first of its kind to synergize the guidance of professional counselors to aid students to get admitted into their dream schools. Built with an emphasis on quality results and world-class integrity, we implement extensive experience in the local U.S. education market, innovative counseling techniques, and top- tier professionals for delivering impactful solutions.

A high acceptance rate beyond expectations

Easymay collaborates with a proprietary network that encompasses over dozens of top universities in the U.S., with former admissions officers and elite leaders of different fields. Easymay strives to provide high-end consultation services for VIP students and parents to increase the chance of admission to top-ranked universities.

Leading professional standard in the industry

Easymay collaborates with former admissions senior officers to promote the students background and perfect a process to produce unique applications tailored for U.S. universities. The team helps students to create personalized applications, resumes and essays highlighting each candidate’s strengths, personal experiences and characteristics to build the student as a unique candidate.

Target population

Students who want the most competitive application profile for Top 30 universities

Students who need long-term guidance and mentorship

Students who seek “butler style” service
Students who have specific dream schools

Students who seek for a personalized application

Students who need specialized proprietary resources within top universities
Graduate Acceptance Rate for Top30 Universities
Undergraduate Acceptance Rate for Top30 Universities
Transfer Acceptance Rate for Top30 Universities
Service Satisfaction on Former American Admissions Officers Team

Former Admission Office Directors from Top 15 Universities

Top “Think Tank” helps Easymay students excel

VIP service advantages

Former Admissions Officers from Ivy League Colleges
Guidance with Easymay senior counselor in the whole process

Leverage advantages and bypass the disadvantages over different key issues regarding the online application by guidance from admissions assistants at top universities, have one on one mentorship with former admissions officers, collaborative Easymay team with a counselor to offer impeccable service.

Specialized Proprietary Resources Within Top American Universities
A boost in college admission rate

Match students with Easymay’s exclusive resources, build direct connections with the targeted admissions office, analyze current key data on admissions trends, requirements to increase the chance of students getting into their dream school.

Four elite teams collaborate to polish your essay
Far beyond the admissions requirements

Post graduates, graduates from top universities, elites from 500 fortune companies team together to promote student’s internship experiences, review their essays with down-to-earth language usages, building a unique candidate for the application.

Rest of the Payment until receiving offers
No “safety” schools, top choices school selections only

Break the traditional application style of having “safety” schools, focusing on student’s dream school and top universities. Help students enter Ivy League schools and other prominent institutions.

Internship experience through boutique projects provided by Easymay with top companies around the world

Elite officers, senior HR experts, professors from top universities launch research projects with students and share their experience with students.

VIP “one on one” remote language study project
Improving scores in a relaxed way

The best tutors, the tricks you need to succeed, and personalized study. Practice tips, test-taking strategies, sample questions, and more with our professional tutors with more than 10 years experience.

  • Essay advisor from top 50 universities
  • Consultants with education degree from top 30 universities
  • Discover your uniqueness by U.S. Doctorates
  • Professional Guidance from Top 50 ranking university former admissions officers
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  • Former admissions officers from top 15 universities
  • No “safety” school
  • Essay revision by U.S. writing advisors
  • Easymay exclusive resources help you with the best matching
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  • Former Admissions Officers from top 30 universities
  • Advising Team monitoring the whole application process
  • Personalized background enhancement plan
  • Boutique scientific research projects and top 500 internship opportunities
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Let us help you open the door to top universities

Hard efforts needed for realizing a top university dream, the turning point of a child’s life should not based solely on a contract. Easymay wishes its best to support you on your way at the beginning of study abroad. Built with an emphasis on quality results and world-class integrity, we implement extensive experience in the local US education market, innovative counseling techniques, and top- tier professionals for delivering impactful solutions. Easymay wishes you never forget why you started, and makes a better you on your study.